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Accepted Papers

Andreas Kasten, Ansgar Scherp, Frederik Armknecht and Matthias Krause
Graße—Towards Flexible Search on Encrypted Graph Data

Andreas Kasten and Ansgar Scherp
Towards a Configurable Framework for Iterative Signing of Distributed Graph Data

Christopher Brewster and Dougald Hine
Legibility, Privacy and Creativity: Linked Data in a Surveillance Society

David Corsar, Peter Edwards and John Nelson
Personal Privacy and the Web of Linked Data

Mathieu D'Aquin and Keerthi Thomas
Semantic Web Technologies for Social Translucence and Privacy Mirrors on the Web

Neel Guha
A case for transparency

Prajit Das, Anupam Joshi and Tim Finin
Energy efficient sensing for managing privacy on smartphones
Sabrina Kirrane,
18 Oct 2013 18:51